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A 12 year old producer from the Netherland who likes memes maaaaybe a bit too much. Also Likes FL Studio. A lot.



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QruintroX's News

Posted by QruintroX - April 29th, 2020

I'm wondering... should i make some HOUSE music in these times?


Posted by QruintroX - April 2nd, 2020

So i thought today it's been exactly one year since i uploaded my first song here. No it's not. It's 4-2-2019 and not

2-4-2019. But it's not like i missed a date on which i was planning to upload a song, or a better version of my first song. That better version is coming when it's been 2 years (Jumpin 2.0, 2 years, get it?). Let's hope i don't get it wrong next year.

Posted by QruintroX - February 17th, 2020

hey, my music is now on youtube too! here's the link!


Posted by QruintroX - December 31st, 2019

So i wanted the last song i made this year on newgrounds to be something memey, i was planning to upload the mlg airhorn sound. But i couldn't find a good converter so i guess the following lenny face is gonna be the last thing i did on newgrounds this year.

Happy new year!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Posted by QruintroX - November 5th, 2019

yay new song out go listen to it. come on, listen to it at https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/891086

Posted by QruintroX - September 26th, 2019

So my new song, Fire, reached almost 200 listens in almost 3 hours. WHAT. That is 1 listen every minute. Again, WHAT. O_O

Posted by QruintroX - July 15th, 2019

so i made a twitter account. it's only gonna be used for dumb jokes and made a very small chance that i'm gonna say important stuff there


Posted by QruintroX - June 11th, 2019

so... i started using a distribution service (basically a service that lets you upload music to spotify etc. because you cant just make an account and click on upload there) so my music is on many platforms now! basically spotify, itunes, and any other big music thing (in total all of them are around 160 different platforms). so dont forget to listen to my music there!

plz i need monies <-- totally the truth and not that i just like money because i can buy all kinds of cool music things with it.

Posted by QruintroX - April 1st, 2019

i've only been on here for a few months, but i need to quit because of private reasons. it was a fun time uploading my music here.

EDIT: what date was it when i posted this? april fools day? oh yeah, new songs out. so no quitting.



Posted by QruintroX - March 24th, 2019

I forgot to post this 2 days ago, so i'm posting it now.

Happy birthday to me-2-days-ago, Happy birthday to me-2-days-ago.